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Finally, it's Time for...

It didn't take a Pandemic for us to know that HealthCare Workers are Tired!  That's exactly why for the last six years, we have been building a business that intimately connects HealthCare Pro's with an opportunity to express why they love...

Shift Change!    

We Own the Mic

An open Pod Cast for Healthcare Pro's to hang up their stethoscope and we delve into real topics gripping healthcare and our community today.   From public perception to real expectations, Healthcare pro's own the mic! We all know exactly what it's like to hop from room to room while making it look easy.  There aren't enough words to explain  exactly how convoluted our roles can really be!  It's no wonder... We all Love Shift Change!!! Sign Up for an Episode! 


Healthcare People are multi faceted by nature. Side Hustles don't scare us. If you're a Side Hustling Healthcare Pro who wants to Manage. Operate. and Profit like a BOSS... Then Sign Up!  

If you are Ready to Implement proven Strategies to customize to help you CLEAN UP your Hustle ...GRAB the M.O.P (a customized program designed to help you manage. operate. & profit )

Ready - Set...


Shop Shift Change and get the stuff that makes you feel good!  High Quality Scrubs and other items at a price you'll love...Shift Change! 


We can't be all work and no play!  What good would that be...From Industry Related Charitable Events, to Mindful Meditation, Travel and whatever else we can do...We are going to have a good time doing it! Yes! 

Finally, It's Time for Shift Change! 

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